Nov 18 2017,07:30 AM
Souq Sharq

About Gulf Bank 642 Marathon 2017

What is 642?
642 is the total number of muscles in the human body!
Gulf Bank 642 Marathon is made for every individual who wants to experience a run, touring through the beautiful landmarks of Kuwait. From challenging athletes to beginners and even families. This event caters to everyone. 
Pick your distance and run! 
We will pass by the famous landmarks such as: Souq Mubarakiya, Grand Mosque, Kuwait Towers, Gulf Road and Souq Sharq


Events Details

5KM - Male & Female
1st Place: 150 KWD
2nd Place: 120 KWD
3rd Place: 90KWD

10KM - Male & Female
1st Place: 360 KWD
2nd Place: 200 KWD
3rd Place: 150 KWD

21KM - Male & Female
1st Place: 450 KWD
2nd Place: 350 KWD
3rd Place: 250 KWD

42KM - Male & Female
1st Place: 900 KWD
2nd Place: 600 KWD
3rd Place: 450 KWD

Date:        14th November to 16th November

Time:        4:00pm - 8:00pm 

Location:  Souq Sharq 

*Participants must bring their registration receipt to collect the kits

Date:         18th November, 2017
Location:   Souq Sharq

Warm up:       7:15AM
Race Start:     7:30AM
Ceremony:     12:00PM 
Cut Off time:  1:30PM 

Events Categories

Total Participant

Created with Highcharts 4.1.8 Chart context menu Values 30% 36% 53% 60% 5KM 10KM 21KM 42KM 0 25 50 75

Category Price

Category Price  
5KM 10.000 Register
10KM 13.000 Register
21KM 18.000 Register
42KM 25.000 Register





#Voices4Refugees is an online awareness campaign launched by UNHCR with the belief that all refugees deserve to live in safety regardless of their religion, nationality or race, and should receive equal treatment for protection and assistance, and opportunities for resettlement. Moreover, this campaign urges to stand with millions of refugees around the world, including Syrian refugees, Rohingya refugees and other refugee communities to make their stories heard. Since its launch in early 2015, more than 50,000 individuals from the MENA region have given their voice through the campaign, a demonstration of solidarity from all around the region. Through its collaboration with UNHCR, Gulf Bank aims to increase the level of solidarity through the campaign.

Through this collaboration, the ‘Gulf Bank 642 Marathon’ aims to spread awareness throughout the community about the needs of refugees and calls upon community members to sign up to UNHCR’s #Voices4Refugees campaign. UNHCR works around the world to ensure that everybody has the right to seek asylum and find safe refuge, having fled violence, persecution, war or disaster at home. Since 1950, UNHCR has been protecting the rights and well-being of refugees all over the world, totalling more than 50 million since its establishment. They have provided vital assistance to save lives and build better futures for millions forced from home. Their work and advocacy helps transform broken lives by providing protection, shelter, access to healthcare, and safeguarding individuals.

This walk/run event caters to all levels, from challenging athletes to beginners and even families, this includes four different distances/categories: Family Fun Walk/Run (5KM); Souq Run for regular runners (10KM); Half Marathon for more advanced runners (21KM); and Kuwait’s only Full Marathon (42KM).

Partners & Sponsors

In support of

Frequently Asked Questions

The race starts at the entrance bridge of Souq Sharq, heading towards the left and to Souq AlMubarakiya. The race ends back at Souq Sharq, ahead of the start line in front of the Cinemas
Yes. The 6 hour, 30 minute time limit means race officials will reopen streets to vehicular traffic on a rolling basis at a 15:00 per mile pace. Participants still on the course at this time will be required to move to the sidewalks and obey all traffic signals.
You log on to and register yourself or you visit one of the outlets and register there by signing up and paying in cash.
No. Per our official event rules and guidelines: Sale, transfer, alteration or duplication of race entry/bib is strictly prohibited unless you have Race Insurance, which is an additional amount you pay while registering, which will allow you to either transfer or alter your details in the near future. NOTE: all changes, alteration, transfers will not be accepted after the 2nd of November, 2017
5K - 11 years and above 10K - 15 years and above 21K - 18 years and above 42K - 18 years and above
For more information about volunteering you can send us an email at with all your contact information and the area where you would like to volunteer.
You can download your official Race Certificate right after completing the race from
All finishers will receive: - Medals - Downloadable Certificate
The race will be held on Saturday, 18th of November 2017, at Souq Sharq
5KM 1st Place Male & Female KWD 150 5KM 2nd Place Male & Female KWD 120 5KM 3rd Place Male & Female KWD 90 10KM 1st Place Male & Female KWD 360 10KM 2nd Place Male & Female KWD 200 10KM 3rd Place Male & Female KWD 150 21KM 1st Place Male & Female KWD 450 21KM 2nd Place Male & Female KWD 350 21KM 3rd Place Male & Female KWD 250 42KM 1st Place Male & Female KWD 900 42KM 2nd Place Male & Female KWD 600 42KM 3rd Place Male & Female KWD 450
Registration will close on the 16th of November (or earlier if all distances are full)