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If you want to be part of the biggest Marathon in Kuwait, you are in the right place! Gulf Bank 642  Marathon offers a wide variety of volunteering opportunities for all ages and groups. Unleash your creativity and skills and secure your volunteering spot. 

Volunteering Type

Volunteering Types


Start Line :

We are always looking for Volunteers to assist and manage the waves at the start line and ensure a safe and smooth start for all the participants at Gulf Bank 642 Marathon Kuwait City. 

Race Course :

We offer volunteering opportunities through the race course with two types of volunteering, cheering and refreshments.


If you are an enthusiastic individual who loves to motivate and courage people, Cheering is you! 


If you are interested in helping people and lending a hand, refreshment station is the way to go! 


Finish Line :

Finish line moments are irreplaceable, be part of the memory and volunteer at the finish line. You will be handing out medals to all the finishers at the finish line and directing the finishers to the exit of the finish line area. 

Customer Service :

Do you want to polish your customer service and interpersonal skills? You are in the right place! Join our Customer Service team and get all the skills you need. 


Social Media :

For all the people who indulge in social media and have a creative vision, this is your time to shine! We are looking for passionate and creative individuals to join our social media team. 

Medal Engraving Volunteers :

Help make a memory last forever with medal engraving. Be part of the medal engraving team, you will be responsible for managing the queue, cross selling and ensuring a pleasant medal engraving service for the finishers.

Race Kit Collection \ Expo :

Be part of the core team with Race kit collection volunteering! We offer a variety of opportunities, from kit collection, managing the queue, assisting in the technical counter and packing the race kit goodies.

T-shirt Printing\ Merchandise :

Are you in interested in mastering your cross selling skills? You are in the right place! Be part of the T-shirt printing and Merchandise selling team and polish up your sales 

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